Chemical Fume Hood/ASHRAE 110 Testing

B&V offers comprehensive testing and certification of chemical fume hoods including ASHRAE 110 testing. B&V fume hood testing and certification services are executed in accordance with B&V standard operating procedures (SOPs) which are updated to remain compliant with current federal and international industry standards and guidelines.

Chemical fume hoods are tested in accordance with AIHA/ANSI Z9.5, SEFA, ASHRAE 110 and OSHA.

Primary tests include:

  • Inflow (face) velocity profiling
  • Airflow smoke testing
  • Cross draft airflow testing

Additional tests where specified may include:

  • Airflow alarm installation and calibration
  • ASHRAE 110 testing to include
  • Inflow (face) velocity profiling
  • Small and large volume smoke testing
  • Cross draft airflow testing
  • Tracer gas containment testing
  • Variable air volume (VAV) testing

As per ANSI/AIHA Z9.5, face velocity testing of chemical fume hoods alone is not considered a sufficient demonstration of hood performance, as laboratory environmental factors may compromise hood performance. Quantitative containment tracer gas testing of chemical hoods under as-installed and as-used conditions as outlined in ASHRAE 110 provides a means of quantifying containment performance.

B&V has extensive experience with this valuable testing tool and in assisting clients in identifying and correcting performance deviations.

B&V also provides consultation and guidance on the development of fume hood testing protocols to support airflow reduction and energy conservation efforts.

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