Environmental Monitoring

B&V offers comprehensive environmental monitoring services to help ensure that customer critical environments including cleanrooms and controlled environments are meeting design and quality criteria. From non-viable and viable particulate sampling to room pressurization and temperature and humidity monitoring to contaminant identification, B&V’s deep technical knowledge and expertise can help correct non-performance issues and ensure optimized performance of critical engineering controls and controlled environments.

B&V Environmental Monitoring Services include:

  • Non-viable particulate monitoring
  • Viable air and surface sampling including sample plan development
  • Microbial growth and monitoring including microbial and fungal identification, trending and setting of alert and action levels
  • Room pressurization monitoring
  • Temperature and humidity monitoring
  • Contamination remediation via our expert decontamination services

B&V environmental monitoring services are executed in accordance with B&V standard operating procedures (SOPs) which are updated to remain compliant with current ISO and USP specifications. Environmental monitoring results include preliminary and final notifications and are quality-reviewed and documented in comprehensive and easy-to-follow reports.

With each service call, B&V offers:

  • Trained and accredited technical service of the highest quality
  • Customized and quality-reviewed report documentation tailored to your needs
  • Management of your equipment inventory and service records

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