Customized Testing and Airflow Visualization Studies

B&V provides customized and documented airflow visualization studies and related customized testing services to evaluate the performance of airflow patterns in cleanrooms, clean air devices and other controlled environments. Our highly trained and experienced technicians will execute airflow visualization protocols under static and dynamic conditions to demonstrate proper airflow patterns during critical processes, all digitally recorded and documented for regulatory compliance.

B&V Airflow visualization studies and customized testing services include:

  • Static and dynamic airflow visuailzation studies of cleanrooms, biological safety cabinets, clean benches, isolators and related clean air devices for compliance to FDA and international aseptic guidelines
  • Customized containment testing of bio-safety cabinets to evaluate the impact of unconventional BSC usage scenarios
  • Airflow visualization studies for evaluation of BSC placement and performance
  • Customize performance testing of chemical fume hoods for airflow reduction studies as part of energy conservation efforts

All testing results are thoroughly documented and quality reviewed. Airflow visualization studies include a DVD recording.

With each service call, B&V offers:

  • Trained and accredited technical service of the highest quality
  • Customized and quality-reviewed report documentation tailored to your needs
  • Management of your equipment inventory and service records

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