Technical Services

B&V offers a comprehensive suite of controlled environment testing and certification services.  From cleanroom testing and certification, to biosafety cabinet certification, to microbial environmental monitoring, to decontamination and maintenance services, B&V’s highly knowledgeable and accredited technical staff can fulfill all of your controlled environment testing needs.

Cleanroom TestingCleanroom Testing and Certification - Cleanroom certification programs to ensure optimal performance and compliance to regulatory standards.

BiosafetyBiosafety Cabinet Certification and Service - Superior biosafety cabinet certification and service expertise by B&V NSF-Accredited Certifiers.

Fume Hood/ASHRAE 110Chemical Fume Hood/ASHRAE 110 Testing - Comprehensive testing and certification of laboratory fume hoods to industry standards.

Decontamination ServicesDecontamination Services - From lab equipment to cleanrooms, LARs and full facility decommissioning, featuring VHP decontamination.

USP 797USP 797 Testing Services - Let B&V's CETA Registered Cleanroom Professionals for Sterile Compounding Facilities ensure your compliance to USP 797.

Environmental MonitoringEnvironmental Monitoring - Non-viable and viable particulate monitoring of your critical areas by B&V’s trained and accredited technicians.

Clear Air Bench TestingClean Bench Testing & Service - From clean benches to vertical down flow units, B&V ensures peak performance of clean air devices to deliver the critical product protection you need.

Laboratory Animal Research EnclosureLaboratory Animal Research Enclosures - Testing, certification and service of HEPA-filtered biosafety cabinets, change stations and more to ensure product and personnel protection performance.

BSL-3BSL-3 Services - From biosafety cabinet and HEPA filter certification to planned and emergency decontamination, B&V has unmatched bio-containment facility expertise.

Customized TestingCustomized Testing - From airflow visualization studies to ‘as-used’ biosafety cabinet performance testing, B&V ensures regulatory compliance, personnel protection and product protection.

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