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For more than 35 years, B&V has been a recognized industry leader in controlled environment and cleanroom testing, certification, environmental monitoring and decontamination services. From pharma to biotech, hospital to biomedical research, medical device manufacturing to nanotechnology, our customized industry service offerings and unwavering commitment to quality ensure your critical equipment is up and running and in compliance, so you can focus on the work you do best.

PharmaceuticalPharmaceutical - B&V’s comprehensive cleanroom certification, clean-air device testing, environmental monitoring and contamination control service programs coupled with our regulatory expertise ensure your critical environments are up and running and in compliance, whether you’re a large-scale pharmaceutical manufacturer or a community hospital pharmacy.

Hospital and HealthcareHospital and Healthcare – B&V’s comprehensive controlled environment testing, environmental monitoring, bio-decontamination and repair services help promote worker and patient safety. From no-touch hydrogen peroxide room decontamination services, to OR, AHU and patient isolation room HEPA filter certification and repair services, to micro and pathology hood testing, to USP 797 compliance testing services.

BiotechnologyBiotechnology – Through B&V’s comprehensive suite of cleanroom and controlled environment testing, certification, decontamination and environmental monitoring services, we help ensure the integrity, quality and safety of the biotechnology research and manufacturing controlled environments that you rely on to perform your critical work.

Academic ResearchAcademic Research – B&V’s superior biosafety cabinet testing, certification, decontamination and repair services coupled with our technical and regulatory expertise help ensure that your critical research environments remain contamination free. Featuring preventive and remediative Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide (VHP) decontamination services.

Medical Device ManufacturingMedical Device Manufacturing – From cleanroom certification and clean-air device testing and repair to environmental monitoring and decontamination services, B&V has the range of service offerings, technical expertise and regulatory knowledge to keep your critical environments in compliance and up and running.

Laboratory Animal ResearchLaboratory Animal Research – From HEPA-filtered equipment testing and certification, to HVAC airflow measurement and profiling to procedure room and full facility decontamination featuring VHP solutions, B&V is ready to serve your LAR needs.

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