Decontamination Services

When product contamination occurs due to biological contaminants, the results can be devastating. B&V has unrivaled experience and expertise in eradicating viral, bacterial and fungal contaminants from laboratory and production equipment and spaces. From BSCs and incubators to aseptic clean rooms, animal vivariums and operating rooms to full facility decommissioning , B&V has the bio-decontamination expertise, cutting edge technology and the most experienced team in the business to get you back up and running. With validation of results via biological indicator efficacy testing.

Featuring Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide (VHP)

B&V is pleased to offer Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide (VHP) bio-decontamination of equipment and spaces. VHP is a fast-acting, residue-free EPA-registered broad spectrum gaseous sterilant which is gentle on sensitive equipment and electronics and breaks down into the benign by-products of water and oxygen. For BSC decontamination, this means less down-time and no residue. Learn more about B&V VHP services here or in our B&V Technical News Decontamination Section.

Emergency Decontamination Preparedness

Avoid a contamination disaster through B&V’s Emergency Decontamination Preparedness planning and contract service. Our experienced decontamination field application specialists will work in partnership with your team to develop a site-specific plan for eradication of biological contaminants should the need occur. Don’t be caught unprepared, contact B&V today.

With each service call, B&V offers:

  • Trained and accredited technical service of the highest quality
  • Customized and quality-reviewed report documentation tailored to your needs
  • Management of your equipment inventory and service records

Contact B&V today for superior decontamination services.

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