B&V Technical Services

Cleanroom Certification

Cleanroom certification programs to ensure optimal performance and compliance to regulatory standards.


Biosafety Cabinet Certification & Service

Superior biosafety cabinet certification and service expertise by B&V NSF-Accredited Certifiers.


Chemical Fume Hood/ASHRAE 110 Testing

Comprehensive testing and certification of laboratory fume hoods to industry standards.


Decontamination Services

From lab equipment to cleanrooms, LARs and full facility decommissioning, featuring VHP decontamination.


USP 797 Testing Services

Let B&V's CETA Registered Cleanroom Compounding Facilities Professionals ensure your compliance to USP <797>.


Environmental Monitoring

Non-viable and viable particulate monitoring of your critical areas by B&V’s trained and accredited technicians.


Clean Bench Testing & Service

From clean benches to vertical down flow units, B&V ensures peak performance of clean air devices to deliver the critical product protection you need.


Laboratory Animal Research Enclosures

Testing, certification and service of HEPA-filtered biosafety cabinets, change stations and more to ensure product and personnel protection performance.


BSL-3 Services

From biosafety cabinet and HEPA filter certification to planned and emergency decontamination, B&V has unmatched bio-containment facility expertise.


Customized Testing

From airflow visualization studies to ‘as-used’ biosafety cabinet performance testing, B&V ensures regulatory compliance, personnel protection and product protection.


About B&V

B&V Testing is the leading provider of cleanroom and controlled environment testing and certification services for the East Coast’s Life Science and hospital and healthcare leaders. With industry-tailored solutions, an unwavering commitment to quality and the most experienced technical team in the business, B&V sets the standard for technical service excellence to ensure end-user compliance to industry standards, governmental regulation and customer quality control requirements. 

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